“Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determines the future ” – Robert L. Peters

Hadi Barkat

Game designer. Book author. Tennis geek. Federer, Murakami and Boston Celtics Fan. Founder of Helvetiq, a publishing company of games and books, Hadi feels that he’s always been living in between two cultures from his early years in Algeria.

The Afro-European journey of Hadi stretches from Biskra, his parents’ city in the Algerian Sahara, to the shores of Copenhagen and the north American east coast. Having graduated in Computer Engineering from the EPFL and worked in a venture capital fund evaluating start-ups, Hadi felt the inspiration appeal to move on the opposite side, and become one of the founders of those creative undertakings.

The interest in diverse cultures is a constant in Hadi’s work. Exploring the colors and the says of Switzerland in his books “Entre Rouge et Blanc” and “Contre-sagesses Suisses”, or developing games to learn 50 words in the 4 Swiss national languages and English are just one part of his multiple concretized ideas. Finding the inspiration in himself and in following the passions of his team members, Hadi is an artist in the clothes of a bold entrepreneur.

Hadi’s talk will be in English.

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