Employment Integration Workshop for Qualified Migrant and Refugee Professionals

Companies’ staff coach migrant professionals to help them integrate the local job market In collaboration with : What it’s about AN ONLINE COACHING followed by a ONE-DAY PHYSICAL WORKSHOP In collaboration with the University of Geneva, we organise the pairing of 20 qualified refugee professionals (coachees) with 20 professionals willing to coach them among aContinue reading “Employment Integration Workshop for Qualified Migrant and Refugee Professionals”

Summary for Non-Financial Reports

In order for the company’s to keep track of its investment into this CSR action, we will provide with a report summarizing the company’s effort, the people involved, the activities performed and the outcomes of the project. For companies with 500 employees or more, a balancesheet total of 20 millions CHF or 40 millions CHFContinue reading “Summary for Non-Financial Reports”

Internal and External Communication

In order to make the most of the company’s investment into this workshop, we can organise the shooting of a video upon the company’s demand. We would prepare specific questions for the people involved into the project to answer and we will shoot during the different parts of the workshop. This video could be usedContinue reading “Internal and External Communication”

Full Organisation of the Online and Physical Workshops

We will organise and coordinate with the company’s teams (Human Resources, Logistics, Management) to structure the different parts of the workshops. This workshop has already been run at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Geneva in 2018, 2019 and 2020. The workshop can be customised on-demand according to the needs and preferences of the company.

Gala Diversity

Celebrating professionals of African descent The 1st edition of the Gala Diversity 2020 – Celebrating Swiss professionals of African descent happened on September 18th in Geneva. It has gathered about 50 participants from all ethnic background interested in promoting diversity in society and in the economy. Why this Gala ? Corporate Human Resources campaigns inContinue reading “Gala Diversity”

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” – Malcolm X Simon Ntah Lawyer at the bar of Geneva since 2005, after having completed an outstanding academic record at the Universities of Geneva, Utrecht (NE), and San Diego (USA), Simon Ntah is an attorney engaged againstContinue reading


Notre Gala du 18 septembre approche, et nous avons décidé faire une interview croisée de certaines personnalités qui seront présentes. Amani est l’une de nos oratrices et Aimée participera en tant qu’invitée. J’ai eu l’idée d’interviewer Amani Bathily et Aimée Bamukunde car leurs projets sont rares. Ils me semblent être destinés à des personnes curieusesContinue reading “SUPER Women”

Après la crise du coronavirus, l’émergence d’un régime social et économique amélioré

Alors que le Conseil fédéral a adopté le 15 janvier 2020 les plans d’action Responsabilité Sociale des Entreprises et Entreprises et Droits humains révisés pour 2020-2023, la crise sanitaire du coronavirus démontre notre interdépendance sociale, économique et environnementale implacable avec certaines régions du monde, et remet en question notre manière de produire et de consommer.Continue reading “Après la crise du coronavirus, l’émergence d’un régime social et économique amélioré”

Diversity represents a business advantage… but hiring a diverse workforce is not enough.

A diverse workforce does not necessarily improves business performance. It might even reveal to be counterproductive in may ways, such as complexifying working relationships between professionals who are not used to work together or lead to less commitment and satisfaction from individuals not used to work with diverse people.