Summary for Non-Financial Reports

In order for the company’s to keep track of its investment into this CSR action, we will provide with a report summarizing the company’s effort, the people involved, the activities performed and the outcomes of the project.

For companies with 500 employees or more, a balancesheet total of 20 millions CHF or 40 millions CHF of revenue, the counter-project of the Responsible Business Initiative (adopted on 29th of November in Switzerland) requests a yearly non-financial report describing actions, measures, indicators being implemented as well as the company’s performance in the fields of staff and social matters, among others. See art. 964ter of the Code of Obligations. If no referendum is raised 100 days after its adoption, i.e. on March 9th, this non-financial report should be compulsory early 2022, thus describing the actions effected the year before.

This integration workshop for qualified migrant and refugee professionals is one way to have a social impact and another to increase diversity within a company’s workforce.

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