Gala Diversity

Celebrating professionals of African descent

The 1st edition of the Gala Diversity 2020 – Celebrating Swiss professionals of African descent happened on September 18th in Geneva. It has gathered about 50 participants from all ethnic background interested in promoting diversity in society and in the economy.

Why this Gala ?

Corporate Human Resources campaigns in favour of diversity very often address gender inequality and LGBTQIA+ issues, leaving ethnic diversity out of the debate. Beyond the corporate space, the variety of the many African identities still seem fuzzy in collective representations, and therefore has an impact on the representation of people of African descent themselves within the Swiss and European societies, at work and in the public space.

This Gala is therefore aimed at actively contributing to a more granular perception of Europeans of African descent, and showing how rich for business and society diverse backgrounds are.

Speakers 2020

Amal Safi
Eliezer King
Amani Bathily
Simon Ntah

Gala Diversity 2021 – Innovation & Diversity award

During the next edition of the Gala, the price “Innovation & Diversity” will be awarded to an innovative entrepreneurial, intrapreneurial (within a company), academic, artistic or media-related idea.

If you like to apply to the price and know more about the detail, please click below.¨

Eliezer King talk
A famous African character in Swiss History
Simon Ntah talk
What people of African descent have achieved
Amani Bathily
The need to get organised

Summary Video Diversity Gala 2020

Trailer Diversity Gala 2020

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” – Malcolm X

Simon Ntah

Lawyer at the bar of Geneva since 2005, after having completed an outstanding academic record at the Universities of Geneva, Utrecht (NE), and San Diego (USA), Simon Ntah is an attorney engaged against discri-mination, and used to plead publicized criminal cases.

Simon will discuss the notion of cultural legacy. As world citizens, our cultural heritage only makes sense when you share it, and it can be enriched only when exposed to others. Discovering the other is also getting to know yourself and enriching your- self, as well as giving meaning to your path..

Simon’s talk will be in French.