“You have to start to be at where you manage to really be. The rest is movement which, through the state of being, transforms itself into existence. And the secret consists in doing.” – Thibault de Montalembert

Amal Safi

Organiser of the Gala event, founder of The House, organization aiming at infusing creativity in business, and advocacy in the private sector. Creating infrastructure to give creative thinkers and outsiders a space to express themselves and to shape the world.

Born in Geneva of Algerian parents, Amal decided to organize the Gala after having felt the necessity of Swiss professionals of African descent and their friends to meet in a safe space where they could freely celebrate their multiples identities together with other professionals from all ethnic backgrounds. Amal anticipates that many of them will be the next influencers and decision-makers of the private, public and creative sectors in Switzerland, and encourages them to organise, network and build projects and ventures together.

Amal has founded The House of the Mighty in 2016, an organization aiming at analyzing trends and at providing creative ideas for the business sector to position ethically and organise in a sustainable way. The House is also home for a range of creative entrepreneurs who are members of the business network Infrastructure Mighty.

For Amal, her cultural heritage can be summed up in the following two words: Swagger and Determination. 

Amal’s talk will be in English.

Published by The House

Infusing creativity in business, and advocacy in the private sector.

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