“As long as the lions won’t have their historians, hunting stories will tell the hunters’ feats.” – African proverb


Passionate about writing, music and History, inherited the precious genes of a significant part of the people in the world.

Eliezer was born in the Dominican Republic, from Dominican parents. He migrated to Switzerland when he was 12. Interested in understanding racism at an early stage, Eliezer invested a significant part of his life trying to explore the origins of this ideology and why it would harm him and his melanin-pigmented fellows.

As previously mentioned, during his talk, Eliezer will attempt to be the historian of the lions and the lionesses, who will certainly recognize themselves. He will mention the outstanding trajectory of Saint Maurice, patron saint of Valais, Annibal Barca, one of the most talented military strategists born in Carthage (today Tunisia) or Alexandre Dumas, writer of French and Haitian descent and others more recent characters who have left their mark on History. Eliezer’s talk will shed light on a past made of unbreakable links between the people of the world.

If Eliezer would have to sum up his cultural heritage, he would only say one word : self-determination.

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Eliezer King talk

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