“Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you” – Jean Paul Sartre

Amani Bathily

Amani posits that if the vastity of African cultures teach us one thing: it is the art of resilience and freedom in the face of adversity. 

Passionate about human rights and social equity, with two MA’s in Philosophy and Politics, Amani has worked in both public health and the field of human rights. Searching to develop projects which combine the knowledge of both the public and private sector, she is now with four other women, creating Safro, an organisation which strives to support the Afropean community in Switzerland. Safro aims to be both a model for social resilience as well as an innovator through its financial structure. 

Amani shall discuss how lessons of freedom and resilience African cultures’ teach us, have inspired her to create an organisation putting emphasis on the richness and complexity of Afropean cultures in order to overcome stigma and discrimination.

For Amani, her cultural heritage can be summed up in the following two words: dream and aesthetic.

Amani’s talk will be in English.

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