The world is changing, at a quick pace. We see the emerging of a collective, daring and responsible world, where leaders, governments and civil society are able to bring together people around a vision : innovation in the respect of individuals and the planet.

what The House aims for

The House of the Mighty is an organisation founded in Geneva by Amal Safi in May 2016. The organisation analyses emerging trends in society and in the economy in order to provide businesses, public organisations and private audiences with creative and sustainable intelligence, and advocates in favour of sustainability via the promotion of diversity and human rights.

what The House does

Publishes analyses and recommendations about emerging social, economic and artistic trends.

Produces videos of entrepreneurs and creatives explaining their creative process, in order to provide organisations and individuals with methods to develop innovation.

Gathers a network of entrepreneurs and professionals based in Western Switzerland and engaged in favour of sustainability, diversity and human rights.

Organises a yearly Gala celebrating the contribution of Afrodescendents to the Swiss economy and society.