Pairing the Refugee Professionals with their Coaches

20 migrant and refugee professionals, selected according to the company’s needs, are paired with 20 employees volunteering as coaches. The pairs are established, based on the spoken languages and interests of the coaches and the coachees.

What Coaching is About ?

Being a coach means giving insights and advice about the local job market. The coach spends 30 minutes once every other week or 60 minutes an hour with her/his coachee. Even though company’s volunteers may not be professional coaches, past workshops have shown that employees get a lot of satisfaction to help refugees and migrant professionals find their way in the job market by sharing their experience and having a look at their CV or rehearse job interviews with them. They get energized by the concrete impact they are having in their coachee’s life and are grateful to their employer to have been offered this opportunity.

The coaching sessions can be held online or in person, according to the Covid-19 policies of the company.

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