Doing the Job for the Money

At first, clean intellectual interest
Some people chose their first job because it was an interesting one, they could see potential to evolve, a lot of knowledge to acquire, in other words, opportunities. But after a few months, if they get used to the job and lost their enthusiasm, they tend to think about the compensation they get, starting to be more demanding. This looks like the first phase. Second phase is when they are so thrilled by the idea of getting more money, that they stop focusing on their professional aim, on the soundness of their professional path. Some dream to live and to work abroad, but stick to the same unsatisfying job because they earn more in Switzerland than what they think they will ever be paid in another country.

Some other people prefer to have what they perceive themselves as a sick job for the money, because they got addicted to this “monthly money shot”, even though they consider it as not enough salary. And sometimes those people do not even use these financial resources they have, they do not need much because they do not have expensive tastes, they do not even have projects in mind, but they just like the idea of having this – merely scriptural – money, hided on a bank account, sleeping like the drive they used to trigger when they were studying hard, doing low paid internships and hoping to get one day a challenging and well-rewarding job.

Bullshit jobs are very well paid.

The tragedy is that the more bullshit the job is, the more paid it is. (But luckily, there are exceptions.) Indeed, money is what makes employees paralysed in a situation they got trapped in. They wind up getting afraid of any bold professional move: getting back into studies, changing into a more fulfilling but less paid position, resigning from a noxious job and focusing on their real passion.

Professional goals keep waiting

Money is definitely important because it opens the way to new projects. However, for too many people it turns into the hardest thing to give up. When the money is abundant, not having it anymore can be scarier than for those who never got much. Money certainly needs to be well tamed in order to achieve what one really wants to hit in her/his professional life.


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